Comprehensive School Counseling Program (Benchmark)

COSC 661: Comprehensive School Counseling Program

Benchmark Assignment Instructions

Students will develop a Comprehensive School Counseling Program as the benchmark assignment that integrates and assesses learning objectives for this course. Students may use assignments C-G in the course syllabus to satisfy the “Delivery Systems” component for the “example” for this benchmark assignment.

When creating the program, each component must mirror the headings of the rubric since each heading is a separate section of the template in LiveText. You will type (or cut and paste) the program components directly into each section of the rubric provided in LiveText. DO NOT attach the program as a file in LiveText. It will not be accepted as a file attachment in LiveText, Bb, or via email—complete the template in LiveText. Benchmark assignments NOT submitted to LiveText will receive a grade of zero. The only files that should be attached are required or desired supplemental forms such as those noted in some components of the rubric (e.g., actions plans and results reports), forms that meet the delivery systems component  (C-G above), or those documents that are supplemental such as pre-post measures, session handouts, session activities, and signed consent forms. Attachments do not take the place of fully responding to the rubric items directly in the template—attachments are for supplementing or exemplifying rubric components.

Use single spacing in the template with double spaces between paragraphs. APA style is only required for citations and references. You may use lists and bullets, but should NOT use tables, figures, or pictures—only use text under each heading.


Under each heading in the template, you will fully respond to the questions. In addition to mirroring the headings of the template, please also mirror each numbered item of the template. For example, under “Component #1: Foundation” of the rubric in LiveText, you will type #1 and the information that pertains to #1 of Component #1 is completed. Then, you will type #2 and the information addressing #2 of Component #1 is completed, and so on.

The Comprehensive School Counseling Program is due by 11:59pm on Sunday of week 7.


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