Leadership, Advocacy, and Equity

Question 1 1 pts
A commitment to __________ increases the social and cultural capital for all students and helps achieve educational equity.
Group of answer choices


social justice



Flag question: Question 2

Question 2 1 pts
In this chapter, which of the following is NOT a tenet embraced by school counselors when developing a program?
Group of answer choices





Flag question: Question 3

Question 3 1 pts
Why are interventions delivered at multiple levels?
Group of answer choices

It aligns with how the educational program is delivered.

Interventions are more likely to be effective when offered at multiple levels.

A systems approach demands it.

All of the above.

Flag question: Question 4

Question 4 1 pts
In schools, equity involves
Group of answer choices

creating high expectations for all students.

providing equal access to challenging courses.

eliminating barriers to academic success.

All of the above.

Flag question: Question 5

Question 5 1 pts
The new vision of school counseling includes a scope of work that is
Group of answer choices

systemic, data-driven, and aligned with the educational program.

preventive, proactive, sequential, and clearly defined.

preventive, proactive, data-driven, and sequential.

None of the above.

Flag question: Question 6

Question 6 1 pts
With an ethical and moral mandate for social justice, school counselors hold views that are neither partisan nor divisive, but rather reflect the
Group of answer choices

values of a healthier society.

morals of a specific religious sect.

community status quo.

views of the current administration.

Flag question: Question 7

Question 7 1 pts
The process to identify the needs of students to ensure the counseling program is relevant, culturally responsive, and serves the dynamic needs of a community is
Group of answer choices

data-driven counseling practice.

integrated educational program.

systemic assessment.

systematic assessment.

Flag question: Question 8

Question 8 1 pts
A holistic and integrated systemic approach to school counseling practice and programming does NOT
Group of answer choices

support multilevel interventions throughout the school and community population.

focus solely on career-readiness.

align with the school and educational program.

address negative effects of environmental factors like systemic intolerance.

Flag question: Question 9

Question 9 1 pts
The __________ level of intervention has the greatest potential for removing systemic barriers and creating the conditions for learning at all other levels.
Group of answer choices





Flag question: Question 10

Question 10 1 pts
Data can be used to
Group of answer choices

establish goals.

create interventions.

expose inequities.

All of the above.

Flag question: Question 11

Question 11 1 pts
Data can be used in a transformative way
Group of answer choices

when school counselors take the time to analyze it.

when data points to inequities.

when inequities are found in the data and the school counselor believes those inequities are intolerable.

All of the above.

Flag question: Question 12

Question 12 1 pts
School counselors do NOT collaborate with the educational program through
Group of answer choices

becoming familiar with the general content, concepts, and sequence of the curriculum.

assisting teachers through collaborative instruction.

working with whole-school data to improve attendance, policy, and climate.

being a subject area expert.

Flag question: Question 13

Question 13 1 pts
__________ advocacy is NOT one of the three ACA advocacy competency domains.
Group of answer choices

Public arena




Flag question: Question 14

Question 14 1 pts
The CAFÉ model includes
Group of answer choices




None of the above.

Flag question: Question 15

Question 15 1 pts
If a problem exists within a school due to large numbers of bilingual students and families but no staff who speak languages other than English in the larger community, the transformed school counselor should
Group of answer choices

find translators.

develop a bilingual school counseling program website.

take classes to develop basic fluency in a second language.

All of the above.

Flag question: Question 16

Question 16 1 pts
Which of the following examples demonstrates the essential leadership skill of being proactive?
Group of answer choices

The professional school counselor continually monitors the school climate.

The professional school counselor uses specific data to plan and implement interventions.

The professional school counselor uses data to identify and address gaps and unfair school policies.

All of the above.

Flag question: Question 17

Question 17 1 pts
The client/student empowerment level of the client/student advocacy domain in the ACA advocacy competencies does NOT involve
Group of answer choices

helping students develop a plan for change.

teaching students how to self-advocate.

assisting students in becoming aware of their situations.

acquiring needed resources for students.

Flag question: Question 18

Question 18 1 pts
__________ leadership involves creating and communicating a vision of change to others to gain supporters and allies?
Group of answer choices


Human resources



Flag question: Question 19

Question 19 1 pts
__________ leadership may be the most difficult for school counselors, due to its potential to lead to conflict or dissension?
Group of answer choices


Human resources



Flag question: Question 20

Question 20 1 pts
According to the Multicultural and Social Justice Counseling Competencies, the four domains where counselors advocate for change include all of the following EXCEPT
Group of answer choices

counselor self-awareness.

counselor worldview.

counseling relationship.

counseling and advocacy interventions.

Flag question: Question 21

Question 21 1 pts
__________ is/are (a) successful way(s) to publicize transformed professional school counselor roles and transformed school counseling programs.
Group of answer choices

School counseling program website

School counseling program brochure

Classroom presentations on ASCA Model & Standards, NOSCA 8 college and career readiness components, the new vision of transformed school counselling

All of the above.

Flag question: Question 22

Question 22 1 pts
__________ leadership is NOT one of the four types of leadership posited by Bolman and Deal.
Group of answer choices


Human resources



Flag question: Question 23

Question 23 1 pts
When professional school counselors put __________ at the center of their work, they are invaluable to the mission of all schools.
Group of answer choices

crisis intervention

advocacy and leadership

school counseling core curriculum lesson development


Flag question: Question 24

Question 24 1 pts
Which of the following is a characteristic of a successful school with students who qualify for free and reduced lunch?
Group of answer choices

An early warning system monitors all students who fall behind to provide extra help.

Instruction time for mathematics decreases while time for reading increases.

State standards are used to design curriculum and assess student work.

Teacher professional development focuses on emotional disorders and test anxiety.

Flag question: Question 25

Question 25 1 pts
How can a professional school counselor teach advocacy to parents/guardians?
Group of answer choices

Inform parents/guardians about school operations and academic/opportunity policies and deadlines.

Teach parents/guardians how to discipline their child.

Inform parents/guardians about their student’s performance.

All of the above.

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