Multicultural Competence

Question 1 1 pts
Which of the following equations was presented in the chapter to define the term oppression?
Group of answer choices

Oppression = prejudice x power

Oppression = privilege x prejudice

Oppression = race x power

Oppression = power x marginalization

Question 2 1 pts
According to Holcomb-McCoy, professional school counselors should
Group of answer choices

adopt a universal perspective of students.

be sure to maintain previous levels of multicultural competence.

shift to more of a social justice perspective to challenge the achievement inequities in schools.

None of the above.

Question 3 1 pts
Professional school counselors who counsel diverse students but do not have training and supervised experience in multicultural counseling are
Group of answer choices

just beginning in the counseling field.

acting ethically.

acting unethically.

able to acknowledge cultural differences.

Question 4 1 pts
__________ are the differences among groups who attain a college diploma based on data disaggregated by ethnicity/race, gender, social class, disability, and language identities, among others.
Group of answer choices

Achievement gaps

Opportunity gaps

Attainment gaps

All of the above.

Question 5 1 pts
To highlight the importance of becoming a culturally competent professional counselor, the American Counseling Association (ACA) formally endorsed
Group of answer choices

the Multicultural and Social Justice Counseling Competencies.

Holcomb-McCoy’s social justice framework.

Whaley and Davis’ problem-solving skills framework.

All of the above.

Question 6 1 pts
Professional school counselors can monitor student progress using which type of data?
Group of answer choices

school culture data.

attainment data.

standards- and competency-related data.

All of the above.

Question 7 1 pts
The construct of “race” has been
Group of answer choices

proven as a biological and scientific term.

discredited as a biological and scientific term.

an unimportant political concept.

an unimportant psychological concept.

Question 8 1 pts
Sometime in the 21st century __________ will make up a majority of the U.S. workforce.
Group of answer choices

Hispanic Americans

African Americans

Asian Americans


Question 9 1 pts
Counselors can prepare to serve diverse clientele by
Group of answer choices

consulting with ethnic minority community leaders.

learning foreign languages.

receiving extensive multicultural training.

All of the above.

Question 10 1 pts
In much of the current literature, the term “multicultural counseling” has been replaced by the use of the term
Group of answer choices

advocacy counseling.

social justice counseling.

cross-cultural counseling.

cultural advocacy counseling.

Question 11 1 pts
________ refers to the steady transfer of the results of the labor of one social group to the benefit of another.
Group of answer choices




Cultural imperialism

Question 12 1 pts
A segment of a larger society whose members are thought by themselves and others to have common origin and to share important segments of a common culture is termed
Group of answer choices





Question 13 1 pts
In the context of the chapter, the term power refers to
Group of answer choices


the ability to control access to resources.

control of, or over, the images of what is culturally appropriate.

all of the above.

Question 14 1 pts
__________ is an emerging role in the schools that school counselors have to fill.
Group of answer choices

Teaching minority students

Counseling minority students so they will blend in with the school

Pushing school reform initiatives and efforts to improve academic achievement of minority students

Helping minority students come out of their shell

Question 15 1 pts
Which of the following does NOT describe or define race?
Group of answer choices

Family, tribe, people, or nation of the same stock

Classification based on the biological characteristics of a people

The ways, beliefs, and principles of a people

Physical characteristics of a people

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