You will complete the Multicultural Checklist in Chapter 8 of the Erford text as noted in the rubric. You do not need to submit your completed checklist. In addition to completing the checklist, you will engage in the following virtual Christian school field experience.


Visit the following Christian school websites and view all information and videos. The video tours/information is presented by students, parents, teachers, and administrators. It will take about 2 hours to complete the virtual tours and review the websites. Please paste the links provided into your browser.

Visit the Whitefield Academy website:
Participate in each video virtual tour, which include academics, student life, meet our graduates, and campus tour.

Students sometimes have difficulty accessing Whitefield Academy. If so, please choose a Christian K-12 school to replace Whitefield and use it to complete this assignment.

Visit Oaks Christian School website:

Participate in each of the virtual tours, which include athletics, middle school, high school, and events.


If you have difficulty accessing either site listed above, please select another Christian K-12 school to replace one or both. Select one or two of your choosing and cite your source.

Once these activities have been completed, follow the rubric to complete the journal assignment to be submitted to Bb. Your journal will have sub-headings IDENTICAL to those listed on the rubric. The journal should be no more than 4–5 pages, double-spaced with 1-inch margins and 12-point font. This is a freestyle journal entry with no APA writing style requirements.

Again, the journal entries will be organized by headings that are IDENTICAL to the rubric component headings in title and sequence. For example, after a “title” your first sub-heading will be “Spirituality as a Cultural Component”. Once this section is completed and meets all the components of that section of the rubric, your next sub-heading will be “Multicultural Awareness/Checklist”, which can be accessed at the following link: and so on. Following the rubric components ensures that you stay focused on the rubric and what is being requested for the assignment. It also aids your instructor in locating the information to ensure it has been covered and you receive credit for covering the required assignment elements.

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