You will prepare a PowerPoint presentation with lecture notes included with each slide (seek assistance from the university technology department or use an online tutorial if you do not know how to add presentation notes to your PowerPoint slides). The program you create MUST cover the 3 academic domains of a comprehensive school counseling program (i.e., career, personal-social, and academic development). The program will describe how it enhances student academic achievement.


Use your textbooks to determine your topic of focus and how you will accomplish conveying the required components of the grading rubric for this assignment. Each slide will have a heading that is IDENTICAL to the grading rubric component headings in title and sequence. For example, after a “title” slide, your first slide will be “Comprehensive Program Elements.” You may have several slides with this title in order to cover all grading rubric elements for that component. Your next set of slides will be titled “Advocacy,” and so on. Following the grading rubric components as your slide titles helps to ensure that you stay focused on the grading rubric and what is being requested for the assignment. It also aids your instructor in locating the information to ensure it has been covered and you receive credit for covering the required assignment elements.

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