You will develop a framework for a School Counseling Collaborative Model as the culminating benchmark assignment for this course, which will integrate learning across all course modules. This is a detailed model that will take considerable time, so you should get started right away and work on this assignment throughout the course.


As you already know, the ASCA National Model is a comprehensive school counseling program model. Imagine that you entered a school where the principal requests that you create a school counseling program that is “collaborative” because he (or she) wants you to team with all stakeholders. Since the ASCA National Model is built upon the skills and attitudes of leadership, advocacy, and collaboration, this is the model that you will want to use as the backbone of your model. So, in essence, think of your model as “the ASCA National COLLABORATIVE Model”, ensuring that your framework is inclusive of the ASCA Model components, but focusing even more on collaboration. Component #1 of the rubric sets the stage for this.


Allow you text book and ASCA Handbook to guide your responses to each component of the rubric. In the end, you will have the makings of a collaborative model because the content and processes will be outlined by answering the rubric questions.


Students are required to purchase LiveText for this course and for completion of this program, since LiveText access is required for all classes in the program. LiveText is a one-time purchase and students contact Liberty bookstore for purchasing information. This is not optional. Do not wait until the assignment is due, since it takes time to get your password and access.


This benchmark is not submitted to Canvas. The information requested in the rubric is typed directly into the LiveText template. DO NOT attach the model as a file in LiveText. It will not be accepted as a file attachment in LiveText or as an email.


The LiveText template headings are IDENTICAL to the rubric component headings in title and sequence. Following the rubric components ensures that you stay focused on the rubric and what is being requested for the assignment. It also aids your instructor in locating the information to ensure it has been covered and you receive credit for covering the required assignment elements.

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