Culminating Project Proposal Assignment

Culminating Project Proposal Assignment Instructions


The purpose of the Culminating Project is to create and implement a school-wide activity/program which is relevant to the school’s specific achievement gap(s) and need(s). Candidates will demonstrate competence in locating existing data from the school report card or other school data sources. Candidates will be expected to create a needs assessment and work with stakeholders (collaboration) to support the chosen project. Expectations also include aligning the project with ASCA’s Mindsets & Behaviors and complete an evaluation of the project upon completion.


Please consult with your site supervisor to complete the Culminating Project Proposal form. After reviewing this form with your site supervisor, please request an original signature from your site supervisor, scan the document, and load it into your course.

  • Please type directly into the provided template: ‘COSC_PracticumCulminatingProject’. This is the template that you will upload into the grading area of your course.
  • Cover/Title page is not required for the proposal.
  • Format of assignment: APA, 7th edition is required for in-text citations and references.
  • References section: You must use 3 or more scholarly references.
  • Acceptable sources: Scholarly/peer reviewed articles and books published within the last five years.
  • The template contains the following required components to be completed:

Please note: The following project is to align clearly with the standards for school counseling and are to be related to improving student academic achievement. Collaborate with your site supervisor to ensure that the project is beneficial to the school and meaningful for you. Your project will need to align with the standards listed on the Pre-Advanced Internship Assessment (Pre-AIA Practicum Competencies). It is possible for a project to align with more than one standard listed on the Pre-AIA. List all standards (number of the standard is sufficient) that align with your project.

  1. Provide two existing data sources to identify and support the need for this project at this practicum student’s particular site.


  1. Needs Assessment: Discuss who will be surveyed to support the need for this project at this practicum student’s particular site. (Examples: students, parents/guardians, faculty, administrators, counselor advisory committee, etc.)


  1. Identify which Pre-AIA Specialty Standard(s) the project aligns with and provide rationale for this identified alignment. (Examples: FOUNDATIONS, COUNSELING PREVENTION & INTERVENTION, DIVERSITY & ADVOCACY, ASSESSMENT, RESEARCH & EVALUATION, ACADEMIC DEVELOPMENT, COLLABORATION & CONSULTATION, and LEADERSHIP).


  1. Identify how the culminating project is culturally sensitive. Describe how issues of conflict, bias, prejudice, oppression, and discrimination are to be addressed during the project implementation. Identify strategies included in the project that promote a positive, caring, and safe learning group environment.


  1. Describe how you plan to evaluate your project for data to show success as well as areas to enhance and/or improve.


  1. References

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the SafeAssign plagiarism tool.


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