CQ Journals 1-4

Throughout the course, students will submit 4 journal entries which guide them to reflect on their cultural intelligence (CQ) scores, set measurable goals and action steps for improving their CQ, and participate in activities and experiences which will help to practice effective intercultural communication. (Please note that journal entries should be submitted in the module/week listed below, but students will receive one grade for their whole journal in Module/Week 8 of the course). Your journal entry should be at least 400 words, but some of the prompts will require much more to answer the questions thoroughly. While journals are not formal academic papers, you still should take great care to make sure you always write in complete sentences with proper spelling and grammar.


Please complete all 4 journals. I\’ve provided detailed instructions for each journal entry requirement in the assignment attachment. I\’ve also attached my CQ report, which you will need to complete the journals.


Also, please use Leading with Cultural Intelligence, Second Edition by David Livermore as a reference.


NOTE: For the journals, just use the name Damien Taylor. All other information can be made up.

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