Crisis Management Planning and Evaluation Paper Instructions

You will evaluate the Suicide in Schools book and the NEA School Crisis Guide (attached in Module/Week 7) using the questions listed below. All chapters in the Erbacher book are needed for this assignment. The synthesis and evaluation of the information will aid in your understanding of crisis management in schools and the role of the professional school counselor before, during, and after a crisis. In addition, the professional school counselor will learn how to develop and implement effective suicide prevention, assessment, intervention, and postvention techniques.


The body of the paper must be at least 5 pages and adhere to current Professional APA format standards. Please consult the LUO Writing Center for APA Professional standard examples.


You must organize your paper according to the following subheadings and specified content:

  • What is a crisis?
    • What is the definition of crisis?
    • What are some of the types of crises a student or school community might face?
    • What behaviors might a student display indicating that he/she is having thoughts of violent actions to self or others?
    • What are some of the signs and symptoms of a student with suicidal thoughts? Depression? Substance Abuse?
      • What are some guidelines for suicide risk assessment?
      • How do you intervene with a potentially suicidal student?
    • How might a community’s culture impact a crisis?
  • Crisis management plan
    • What is the purpose and importance of a crisis management plan?
    • What types of information are in a crisis management plan?
  • Crisis management team
    • What is a crisis management team?
    • Which individuals typically comprise the crisis management team?
    • Should the school counselor be a member of the team? Why or why not?
  • Role of the professional school counselor
    • What is the role of the professional school counselor in crisis management?
    • What ethical standards and legal considerations must be applied when responding to a crisis?
    • What evidence-based suicide prevention programs could a professional school counselor use with students? What multicultural issues should be considered when chosing the prevention program(s)?
    • How can school counselors collaborate before, during, and after a crisis?
    • How does collaboration assist in crisis response and post-crisis response?
      • What counseling methods or techniques would be helpful for students who experience a traumatic event? What are the three tiers of crisis postvention?
  • Crisis plan critique
    • What are strengths and weaknesses that you perceive of the Suicide in Schools book? What are strengths and weaknesses that you perceive of the NEA School Crisis Guide?
    • What thoughts or suggestions do you have for improving crisis response in the school setting?
    • How would you manage your own personal compassion fatigue/burnout?


If you incorporate citations, you must include a reference page in current APA format. If you use resources from the Suicide in Schools book or the NEA School Crisis Guide, do not copy and paste from them as if the words were yours. To avoid plagiarism, summarize the content using your own words, and cite your sources and quotations according to current APA guidelines.


This assignment is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 7.

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