critical elements

For the final project, you will assume the role of an HR professional for an organization. You will apply technical and behavioral competencies to develop strategic HR initiatives across the organization. You will be required to support the organization’s recommendations using data, specific examples, and detailed explanations of how these HR initiatives address organizational goals.

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

I. People: In this section, you will develop strategic HR initiatives around acquiring and retaining qualified talent for an organization. Provide specific examples.

1.  Talent Acquisition: Determine appropriate strategies for acquiring qualified talent, and explain how the strategies support organizational goals.

2.  Employee Engagement and Retention: Determine appropriate employee engagement strategies and explain how this approach will increase retention.

3.  Learning and Development: Determine learning and development opportunities aimed toward attracting and retaining qualified talent within the organization.

4.  Total Rewards: Identify appropriate total rewards strategies to increase employee retention, and explain how these strategies support the goals of the organization.

2.  Organization: In this section, you will analyze employee and labor relations that positively impact organizational effectiveness. Provide specific examples.

1.  Employee Discipline: Analyze punitive and nonpunitive disciplinary approaches, and explain their impacts on employee relations.

2.  Performance Management: Determine the elements of an effective performance management system, and explain how well the employer’s system meets organizational needs.

3.  Employee and Labor Relations: Determine the differences between union grievance procedures and nonunion complaint processes, and describe improvements that could be made to a nonunion complaint process.

3.  Workplace: In this section, you will analyze external factors that influence organizational effectiveness while mitigating risk. Provide specific examples.

1.  Diversity and Inclusion: Explain generational differences within the workplace, and describe appropriate strategies for managing a diverse workforce.

2.  Risk Management: Determine appropriate proactive HR activities and policies for mitigating risk, and explain how these strategies can be used within the organization.

3.  Corporate Social Responsibility: Describe HR’s role in creating a culture of social responsibility within the organization and the organization’s community.

4.  HR in the Global Context: Determine appropriate strategies for properly preparing employees for an expatriate assignment, and explain how these approaches ensure ongoing engagement.

4.  Behavioral Competencies: In this section, you will determine strategic HR initiatives that support people, organization, and workplace under the technical competency while selecting the most appropriate behavioral competencies. You must select at least one behavioral competency in addressing each domain (i.e., business, leadership, or interpersonal).

1.  Determine HR initiatives that support the people technical competency and explain which behavioral competencies within the business domain are the most appropriate.

2.  Determine HR initiatives that support the organization technical competency and explain which behavioral competencies within the leadership domain are the most appropriate.

3.  Determine HR initiatives that support the workplace technical competency and explain which behavioral competencies within the interpersonal domain are the most appropriate.

4.  Recommend strategic HR initiatives across the organization that utilize a combination of behavioral competencies, and explain why this is the most appropriate approach.

Guidelines for Submission: Your strategic HR plan must be 12 to 15 pages in length (plus a cover page and references). Use double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. You should use current APA style guidelines for your citations and reference list.

** Attached is the grading rubric ***

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