Week 9 Discussion- CRJ105

“Organized Crime”

1. Does the media glamorize organized crime? How does the picture that is painted in the media or popular culture differ from what you have learned in this chapter?

Discussion Expectations:

Late posts are not eligible for participation points.

For EXEMPLARY credit in the discussion, you should do the following:

  • Utilize a paragraph structure. Each question should have its own paragraph with complete sentences.
  • Post a detailed response to the discussion question early in the week. I recommend you post the first time by Wednesday.
  • Your initial post should be 100-150 words.
  • Return to the discussion forum throughout the week to interact with your peers.
  • You interaction with your peers should be detailed and thorough:
    • Address your peer by name
    • Acknowledge something in their post that you connect to. Be specific.
    • Offer a personal experience of your own, make a connection between their post and the course material, and/or add something from your own personal knowledge.
    • Offer an opinion and/or question that drives the conversation forward.
    • Offer a complimentary close and include your preferred name as you would in a professional communication.

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