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  1.     This course’s assignments have analyzed how CRM helps businesses understand customers and customer-related data in order to make better business decisions. Last week, we had the opportunity to recommend a CRM and implementation plan to a company. This week, the focus changes to what is needed in careers that require CRM skills today, especially in the fields of IS and IT management.Purpose
    This assignment gives you an opportunity to research the types of jobs that require CRM skills, the specifics of skills employers are looking for, and what you could possibly pursue to enhance your career options.Assignment Instructions & Deliverables

    1. Search the Internet for current jobs seeking the skills of CRM. Specifically look for IS & IT management positions.
    2. Write a 700- to 1050-word paper discussing your potential future in CRM. Do the following:
    • Summarize an overview of types of jobs, companies, locations, skills, and salary you see that are seeking CRM skills.
    • Select 1 job. Describe the position, required skills, required or preferred education and experience, salary, and any other information you feel is pertinent to you. Relate this information to your career goals.
    • Describe a past, current, or future scenario in which you might be part of a company that needs to select CRM practices and/or systems. If you have not experienced a need for CRM in a scenario personally, create a scenario that describes a company seeking CRM.
    • Include the source for any references used and cite them using APA format.
    • Submit your assignment.

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