cultural background

Read about Standpoint Theory on pages 72-73 in the text. You may also want to google the term “standpoint theory” for additional insight to the theory.

Standpoint theory posits that social structures such as power, cultural background, social position, or family upbringing influence how we perceive and interpret other people’s communication.

If this is true, that we interpret what other people say or do based on our own influences, then whose “fault” is it if a person gets offended by what another person says? In other words, if I get offended by what someone else says, is the fact that I am offended my responsibility or is it the other person’s? Explain your answer using the theory provided in the text. In addition to Standpoint Theory, you may also include Attribution Theory and/or Intercultural Communication Theory to help you answer this question.

Write at least 1 page to answer this question using examples as appropriate to illustrate your points.

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