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Transparency can impact a health care institution. In every community and across the USA there can be a health news event that impacts a health care firm’s reputation or the health care industry in either a positive or negative manner. Health news events can impact leadership in preparing for change.

1. Find an article about a current health news event from one of the following sites:

CNN Health (view Top Health Stories)
Fox News Health
New York Times Health Index
NBC News Health

or from another reliable source.

  • Provide a brief summary of the current health news event article or media piece you selected. Be sure to give credit to the source in your work with in-text cites and have a detailed reference per APA at the end of your work.
  • In a few sentences explain why the current health care news event is interesting and important, as well as relevant to leadership and/or governance.
  • Identify at least two significant leadership/management issues.
  • Describe any interest groups that may be involved and their perspectives.
  • Describe one stakeholder and what you might provide as the leader to promote transparency.
  • Point out implications for the health care delivery system.
  • Indicate implications for healthcare consumers.

2. For your second and third posts, reply to at least two other student posts. Add your thoughts to their current health news event and share one more idea on how this current event could impact a health care leader in preparing for change.

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