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Research and develop a thread that describes the concept of defense in  depth. Your thread must include: an introduction statement/paragraph,  body paragraph(s), and a conclusion statement/paragraph. Additionally,  you are required to comment on at least 1 other student’s thread


Defense in Depth or (DiD) in  cybersecurity refers to a series of defensive methods layered to protect  data and information in case of security control fails or other  vulnerabilities. DiD origins are from a military strategy which delays  the progress of an attacks rather than defeating the enemy with one  strong line of defense. In other words, if one method fails, another  steps in to combat an attack. This multi-layered tactic with its  redundancies increases security and focusses on other attack routes. A  opposite principle to defense in depth is simplicity-in-security which  states too many security measures will cause complications or holes that  attackers can exploit.

Defense in depth security design is based on  controls used to protect the physical and administrative properties of a  network.  A layered security can be applied to all IT systems. A  desktop on a network or the network of bank cash dispensers all qualify  for defense in depth. An organization that is relying on a single layer  of security will find that hackers will find their vulnerabilities very  quickly. Using multiple defenses such as malware scanners, firewalls,  and data encryption software will close attack routes making it more  difficult for a hacker to gain access to your network.

Security guards, attack dogs, barbed wire fences,  semi-automatic weapons and cameras cannot protect you against hackers  gaining access to private information on a network. A hacker with  physical access to your infrastructure can see your data you were trying  to hide. Defense in depth eliminates blind spots. Just like a home  security system the more sensors you have the safer your home will be.  The theory behind defense in depth shares the same principles, the more  sensors you have that monitor, detect, and eliminate would be  disruptions or data breaches the least likely a cybercriminal will try  to invade. A multi-line of defense or defense in depth is one way to  defend against enemies on all fronts.

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