Database Administrator


Your team will be working together to understand the skills needed to enter into a role as a Network Administrator, Cyber Security Specialist and Database Administrator.

  1. Locate an entry level or 2 years of less experience job for each of the following: Network (or System) Administrator, Cyber Security Specialist and Database Administrator.
  2. Each team member will provide the team a copy of their resume as it should look at the point of graduation. Include the skills you will learn in classes.
  3. Identify the skill gaps (i.e. years of usage, experience level, skills, technologies, workplace skills, communication skills, etc.) for each team member.
  4. Identify how the gap should be addressed by each team member before completing the program or post graduation. Include time goals to meet the requirements.
  5. Presentation Includes:
    • Present the results of your analysis in a PowerPoint presentation.
    • 3  job descriptions, location in the Puget Sound, required skills, desired skills, and research the pay range proposed by the employer
    • Skills, certification, level of education, etc. gap analysis for each role for each team member.

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