death penalty?

hello I just have to reply to two of my classmates for a discussion about 100 to 150 words responses

Issue: Should we increase how much we use the death penalty?

Conclusion: We should use the death penalty more as it stops more crime and provides justice.

Reasons: The author provides various reasons in favor of the death penalty such as the chart saying that when there are more executions there are fewer murders. According to the death penalty information center over the past 20 years, there are 48%-101% more murders in states that have the death penalty than states that don’t. The author also reasons that the death penalty process is lengthy and that they do not kill innocent people. Since 1976 there have been 1532 people have been executed as a result of the death penalty and there is no way to say how many of them may be innocent as once they have been executed the case is over, and their life can no longer be saved. The DPIC also provides a list of 20 cases that consist of strong and compelling evidence of people who were wrongfully executed. Lastly, the author states that in 2010 56 police officers were killed line of duty by “people who no doubt have killed before.” In 2010 there are 69 alleged suspects in the killing of the 56 police officers, and of these 69 57% had a criminal record. That does not mean they have killed or have violent offenses it just means they have been arrested before.

example of reply

Hi Tyler,

I really enjoyed reading your response and seeing statistics you also provided.  It was interesting to learn the high percentages of murders that have occurred in states where the death penalty is used whereas in other states where they do not.  I agree the author provided several reasons in favor of the death penalty.  The chart used to show the data was useful in quickly seeing how murder rate escalated when number of executions decreased.  In a portion of his argument, he also mentions how the innocent life taken had no right to appeal and went onto mention how “it is a fallacy to argue that the death penalty should be abolished because an innocent person might die.”  In an article I came across from the DPIC, it indicates a prisoner housed in a federal penitentiary has a right to one appeal as a “matter of right”.  After an appeal at the court where the person was tried for the crime, they can also seek appeals and overturn the sentence based on whether sentence was constitutional and whether any new laws have been instituted.  Appeals can and should also be filed when and if new evidence is presented that provides a substantial and clear proof of innocence.

Thanks again for great and informative response!

2.The issue in the death penalty article can be defined as a prescriptive issue as it raises questions on what is right or wrong, or good or bad.  I believe the identified issue in the article is the questioning of use of applying capital punishment in crimes for a person convicted of committing such crime as murder.  The author argues the point that death penalty should be supported, and the provides reasoning for support of the topic using phrases such as, “fighting fire with fire” and “evidence is clear” indicating “when executions went down, murders went up.”  Additionally, noting “once execution was resumed in 1977” the author indicated murder rate went down providing additional reasoning behind his statement of support of the death penalty.  I believe the conclusion in the article was in the initial opening of the article where the message is clearly stated in that the individual died as a result of his conviction 19 years earlier for murder.


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