Each week the initial post will include a reflection and conclude with a question for the other students to ponder.

To be considered substantive, your reply should add significantly to the discussion by building on others’ comments, pointing out similarities or differences in your backgrounds or course expectations, etc.  One or two sentence responses such as “Hi, welcome to the course!” or “I feel the same way” are not acceptable.

Instructions:  There has been a change in policy from APU you are longer have minimum number of posts or word count for your initial post or replies.  With that being the policy, you need to make sure you have address all the parts of the question for your initial post and for your replies you still need to have a reply that add substance and have a direct question.  You need to ensure that you answer all the questions that are directly asked to you.


Grading Rubrics:

Initial post completely addresses all questions and topics posed in the discussion and provides reasons, sources, or justification for answers, opinions, and conclusions.  35-points
Response Posts
Responses are substantive and encourage discussion and critical thought by proposing a different point of view supported by a valid source or personal example, or by more completely supporting the initial statements with additional sources or application.  25-points
Discussion Participation
Asked direct questions to classmates or instructor within your replies  -15 points
Writing Mechanics
Posts and responses are well-organized, clear, professionally written (no text-speak), and free of spelling and grammatical errors. 5-points
Initial posts due on Thursdays – 10 points
Responses due by Sundays – 10 points

Initial Post Due:  Sunday, 11:59 p.m., ET
Responses Due:  Sunday, 11:59 p.m., ET

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