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Employer-Employee Relationships

In today’s business world, being an employee is not the only way someone can be hired to carry out work. The traditional employee with graded pay scales, benefits packages, and other employment participation may not represent the best format for the company or the worker. The category of “independent contractor” is only one option. Outsourcing, temporary agencies, and consultants represent options that bring many cost-saving elements to the table. For example, there are clear cost benefits, such as no pension, no health benefits, and no long-term employment commitment to the individual hired under these titles. Cite one or more Internet sources in your initial response.

List the benefits and negatives of being an “employee” from the viewpoint of both the employer and the employee. What are the benefits and negatives of being an “independent contractor” from the viewpoints of both the employer and the employee?

If you were an employer, would you prefer to employ workers designated as employees or independent contractors? Why? How would you make such designations?

Would you prefer the “employee” or the “independent contractor” designation as a worker? Why?

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