Discussion Board 3

Chapter 12 of Nelson and Quick (2019) discusses Leadership and Followership. According to Nelson and Quick, “Leaders should be chosen who challenge the organizational culture, when necessary, without destroying it” (p. 216). Thinking in terms of influence and motivation, how would you lead an organization through change without destroying the culture of the organization or those followers in your charge? Provide specific strategies to support your recommendations.


Then, respond to at least two classmates and explain whether you agree or disagree with their recommendations and why. Support your responses with specific evidence from Nelson and Quick (2019), module readings, or additional scholarly sources as needed. Your responses should enhance the discussion and expand our knowledge of course concepts.


Each of your posts should consist of 300-500 words. Following APA, include in text citations and a reference list to cite your sources.


Post your initial response to the discussion question (300-500 words) no later than 11:59 pm EST/EDT, Thursday. Respond to at least two classmates (300-500 words each) no later than 11:59 pm EST/EDT, Sunday.

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