Discussion Board Forum 3 Thread-BIBL360

Choose 1 of the following 2 options for your thread.

  • Option 1: You and your family have just moved across the country for a new job opportunity. In the process of looking for a new church home, you are exploring church websites in order to figure out what they believe. You discover a church that lists the following about Scripture: “Scripture, the saving revelation of God in Jesus Christ, addresses us with full divine authority in its total extent and in all its parts, and therefore the CRC speaks of the Bible as the inspired and infallible Word of God. The authority of Scripture is inseparable from the historical reality of the events recorded in it. Interpreted historical events are presented in Scripture not simply as isolated events but for their revelational meaning. Scripture is self-authenticating; it is not dependent on the findings of science, but these findings may lead to a better understanding of Scripture and must be developed within a Christian community faithful to the authority of Scripture. Biblical studies must be done carefully, with emphasis on what Scripture, itself, says, and without the use of interpretive methods that exclude or question the event character or revelational intent of biblical history and thereby compromise the full authority of the Word of God. Freedom of interpretation within the bounds of Scripture and of the creeds is to be respected. The authority of Scripture is to be believed and confessed as an article of faith and is to be consistently applied and practiced in the life and ministry of the church.” How does this statement about Scripture echo the argument for the authority of Scripture put forth by DeYoung? Interact with this statement and support your answer with Scripture as well as material from the DeYoung text.
  • Option 2: In what way does Scripture operate as a pair of glasses or “spectacles” for the “old or bleary-eyed” (to use Calvin’s phrase)? Explain. Do you believe that this analogy helps prevent the dangers of embellishing or minimizing what the Bible is and does? Explain. Provide relevant support from both Scripture and the DeYoung text.

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