Discussion Boards

Section 1 (400 -600 words with 2 Reference)

Create an outline that could serve as a template for creating future security policies. Your template should reflect 2–3 key parts of a security policy.

  • For each element you include in your      outline template, give a sentence or two describing the information that      should be included. It is acceptable if you want to borrow elements from      the course resources or an actual security policy from a company; however,      you are encouraged to make this template your own.
  • The following are suggestions of      items to consider as key parts of a security policy:
    • Threat
    • Policy statement
    • Responsibilities
    • Guidelines and user procedure
    • Information technology procedures
    • Compliance and enforcement

Section 2 (400 -600 words with 2 Reference)

Use the template you created in the previous discussion board to write one of the following policies. This will eventually be included in the final Enterprise Security Strategy Plan. Review 2 other policy pages from your fellow students. You may use one of the following examples or come up with your own:

  • E-mail
  • Acceptable use
  • Internet use
  • Mobile devices
  • Access control
  • Physical security

Section 3 (400 -600 words with 2 Reference)

Create a main post that highlights 2 best practices regarding the implementation of a security plan. This can be anything from the organizational change management aspects (users) or the technical implementation (information technology staff).

  • Describe and evaluate each strategy.

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