Discussion: Christians and the Law

Thread: Read Romans 7:7-25 and the assigned reading in the textbook(s). Consult other research materials as needed. Consider Paul’s meaning of “I” in that chapter. Be aware of the various suggestions by scholars. Consider the relationship between “I” and the law as developed in chapter 7. Then, identify your view of who Paul meant when he referred to “I.” Include your view of the relationship of “I” to the Mosaic Law and the function that the law has in relationship to the person in the passage. Finally, offer a statement as to your view of the Christian’s relationship to the law. Support your position from the assigned reading, other research, and your own analysis of the passage. Personal doctrine and opinion will be less useful. The position should be adopted based on more objective analysis of the passage.

Replies: After you have posted your reflection, you are to write two substantive replies/responses to other students’ posts. This response should not simply be a summary of the student’s post but should reflect on how this post has contributed to your understanding of the best resolution how Romans 7 and the Christian’s relationship to the Mosaic Law. Questions or disagreement are acceptable (perhaps helpful), as long as it is done respectfully and with a clear and biblically-based explanation for the disagreement. If you are raising questions, you should attempt to at least briefly reflect on how you would answer the question you are raising. Make sure that your responses are adding to the conversation and not merely summarizing the other student posts.

Your thread is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Thursday of Module 5: Week 5, and your 2 replies by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of the same module: week.

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