Disparity Paper

Disparity Paper

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Perform an academic search and choose an article from a peer-reviewed journal that describes a disparity of a population. Write a critique of the article that is not more than 6 pages (excluding title page and reference page). Use APA format. Paper should include and abstract, introduction, critique, conclusion, and reference page. Students should use the Grading Rubric:

– Strongly conveys topic and delineates subtopics to be discussed in the body of text in the assignment.

–  Content strongly related to topic; strong organization and integration of content within subtopics; and strong transitions linking subtopics and main topic.

– Strong scholarly, peer-reviewed support of topic; supporting materials are published within 5 years, as appropriate.

– Strong summarization with synthesis and insightful discussion of topic conclusions. No new information is introduced into the conclusion.

– No grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.

– Writing mechanics are consistent with formal scholarly work.

– No errors in APA style based upon the required APA manuals listed on the course syllabi.

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