disruptive innovation

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“Disruptive Innovations”  Please respond to the following:

Note: Please review this week’s assigned readings before beginning the discussion.
Identify what you believe to be the most disruptive innovation to arise within the last three (3) years. How does this innovation impact education? Be sure to think critically about how virtually any disruptive innovation could affect the way we learn and perceive the world. For example, rideshare services like Uber and Lyft have made it possible for students who did not otherwise have reliable transportation to get to a campus for classes. It also can provide a more flexible source of income so that students can work around their school schedules.

Consider whether this innovation can be utilized in any way to enhance education. Are there concerns about potential negative impacts on education? Are there any ethical considerations? Be sure your response answers each of the questions presented.

Respond to at least one (1) other student, commenting on the innovation that he/she identified. Share your thoughts about this innovation. Do you agree that it is disruptive? How so?

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