Documents submitted

The submission must be submitted in MS-Word. Documents submitted in other formats will not be accepted. You are allowed only one submission for the final. Before submitting the final be sure to proof and make sure your work is complete.

There are 4 questions and each question is worth 25 points and they are as follows:

1) Using the Chapter 27 Case Study, Nerds Galore, develop a Risk matrix for the HR-related risks on p. 532.  For each of the Risks in your matrix justify your decision as to their placement on the Risk matrix.

2) Embedding Strategic ERM into Strategic Planning is an important means to implement ERM for an organization.  Develop a Cause and Effect (Ishikawa) chart that would show the factors needed to make a decision to include ERM in Strategic Planning.  Provide a description explaining your chart?

3) Using the case study from Chapter 14 on Zurich Insurance, explain how Zurich’s Capital Management Program supports ERM and provide examples of where Zurich created new value with their ERM program?

4) What are at least 3 Traditional Risk Management practices that are included in ERM?  Clearly define the traditional risk management practice and how it fits with ERM.  Adequate support including applicable case study examples from your text can be applied.

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