dominant and aggresive to consumer

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  1. To answer the following 3 questions you must study well Chapters 2&8&9 of the textbook.Your answers must be original, no copy and paste and always remember to use APA 7 Format when writing assignments, reports etc. Always list your references.

    1. The following question is based on Chapter 2 of the textbook:

    Retin-A is a topical ointment originally developed for the treatment of severe cases of acne and related skin disorders. An observed side benefit resulting from use of this product is its effect on aging of the skin. If the manufacturer of this product decided to pursue the latter market, what type of a growth strategy would it be pursuing?

    2.The following question is based on Chapter 8 of the textbook:Stanford Medical Center is a well-known and well-respected academic medical center. It has been approached by the government of Vietnam to develop an affiliation with its major national hospital in Saigon. The government would like Stanford to develop a co-branding arrangement whereby Stanford would manage the facility and send some of its clinicians to train and educate the facility’s doctors and nursing staff as well as help improve and monitor its quality programs. Additionally, the government hopes it can continue to improve and develop more sophisticated business practices to develop itself as a medical tourism center, capitalizing on the country’s beauty. Stanford administrators are considering the venture, because Asia is a major growth opportunity and many other tertiary centers in the United States, such as the Mayo Clinic, the Cleveland Clinic, and Johns Hopkins, have similar models in other countries. What are the possible problems that should be considered?

    3, The following question is based on Chapter 9 of the textbook: Conduct a competitive analysis of two health care markets: Las Vegas and Bogota, Colombia for plastic surgery. Examine the pricing strategy for neck lift surgery and for eyelid procedures. Check the websites of at least two providers in each location. Then, answer the following questions based on your review and analysis:

  2. a. How aggressive is pricing of the competitors in the 2 countries?
  3. b. Are they dominant and aggresive to consumers in the purchase presentation?
  4. c. Which example would be the best for what is an elective, self-pay procedure?


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