Drug Interaction Project 

Week 4 Dangerous Drug Interaction Project

                                                                      Dangerous Drug Interaction Project      This week, you will create an educational item about dangerous drug  interactions. Choose two drugs from different categories of drugs that  we have studied thus far in the course that can have a dangerous  reaction if taken incorrectly. Research the drugs’ interactions with  other drugs, including OTC medications, and alcohol. Please note that  you may not choose the same drug that you are using for your medication  research paper for this assignment.
For this assignment:

  1. Create an educational item that describes/displays the dangers associated with the chosen drugs.
  2. This educational item can be in any format, so be creative. For  example, you can create a pamphlet/brochure, a flyer, an infographic, a  newsletter, etc. (at least one page)
  3. Also include a one page summary as to why you chose the drugs and  how you would use this educational item in practice. Make sure to cite  your sources using APA formatting. You should include at least two  scholarly sources.

Websites with free software for building creative items that you can then download as a PDF:
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