Drugs and Crime


Drugs and Crime


  • Write a paper comparing and contrasting the four major classifications of drug actions on the human body (stimulants, depressants, hallucinogens, and narcotics).
  • the effects of those drugs on the human body,
  • a discussion of the dependence aspects of the drugs, and
  • their interactions with other drugs
  • Please discuss your understanding of a RICO investigation. (2pages)

Please discuss two drug investigation tactics, (i.e., buy-bust) (2pages)Please discuss the pros and cons of a Law Enforcement Drug Task Force. (2pages)Please explain what is meant by the term OCDETF investigation (2pages)Please briefly discuss the history of medical marijuana. (2pages)Briefly make your case for or against legalized marijuana. (2pages)What is your understanding of the phrase “War on Drugs”?  (2pages)Discuss some effects positive or negative as a result of the War on Drugs. (2pages)


Select one drug from each classification for an in-depth analysis, which should include at least:

The narrative portion of the project should be at least 4-5 full pages of text and include a cover sheet and reference page. Your paper will be submitted as an MS WORD document to the assignments folder by the due date specified.

All papers must APA format.


Instruction Files

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