e deadly diseases

Choose one of the deadly diseases that were discussed in the book (Typhus, AIDS, and Ebola); Does the way these patients were treated exemplify ta ‘patients first’ attitude?

Submit a 250-word post


Bellevue: Three centuries of Medicine and Mayhem at America’s Most Storied Hospital

David Oshinsky This is the book to be used please read article

  • Read Chapter 3: The Great Epidemic
  • Read Chapter 17: AIDS
  • Read Chapter 20: Rebirth
  • Read the article: Putting Patients First

Students will have mastered the material in the module when they can:

  • Explain how a ‘patients first’ environment is exemplified.
  • Accurately describe the conditions under which healthcare workers were subjected to on a daily basis.
  • Compare and contrast the conditions from epidemic to epidemic.
  • Describe how healthcare has changed since these deadly diseases have come and gone.


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