1. Journals and articles other than those in the nursing profession may be considered. A minimum of three professional references is required. You may use internet sites and articles but they will not be counted as a professional citation.

2. This assignment is a formally written paper in APA format, 7th edition.

3. Instructions for Format of Paper

4. Use the headings of each section of the rubric to outline your paper

5. The paper will be 7 pages in length—and not exceeding 7 pages of text. Two points will be deducted for each page over the maximum number. Title page/references are NOT included in this count.

6. A pdf. version of the paper may NOT be submitted—only a Word document that can be edited will be accepted.

The grading guidelines are as follow: The Rubric

Examining the ethical challenges in managing elder abuse: a systematic review

Afsaneh Saghafi,1 Fatemeh Bahramnezhad,2 Afsaneh Poormollamirza,3 Ali Dadgari,4 and Elham Navab5,*

Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer





Elder Abuse Statistics – Statistics on Elderly Abuse Over Time

Sexual Abuse Statistics. This type of abuse includes any forced sexual interaction that a senior did not consent to. In addition to possible physical injuries, sexual abuse can psychologically traumatize victims and their families and may even leave seniors with sexually transmitted diseases in some cases. Here are some notable statistics about sexual abuse among seniors:



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