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Drug Resources Assignment –

This assignment is intended to acquaint you with drug information resources that you may refer to in the future. Using DailyMed website: http://dailymed.nlm.nih.gov/dailymed/about.cfm?CFID=199472492&CFTOKEN=913858b572967ed8-CA33F970-E4A8-F440-05268A0ADBB1303B&jsessionid=8430dba8a25c1e62b2477a4b454820227870

Official, package insert/FDA-approved product label info is listed on daily med. Find a drug your interested in or one that is being used by yourself or a family member. Once on the site click on “Full Table of Contents” to see the complete list of information available on the medication. You will need to look at several sections of the info to complete the assignment.


1. Brand name

2. Generic name(s) of the active ingredient(s):

3. Manufacturer:

4.. Clinical Pharmacology – What kind of drug is it? What is said about how it produces its effects?

5. What is it used for (“indications & usage”)

6. Who shouldn’t use it or who needs to be particularly cautious about use?

This info may be under headings like CONTRAINDICATIONS, WARNINGS, or PRECAUTIONS.

Statements, if any, concerning use of this med by:

A. Pregnant women?

B. Nursing women?

C. Children?

D. Elderly?

E. Those prone to substance abuse?

F. Those driving/operating machinery?

G. Those on other medication that would preclude the use of this drug?

H. Health conditions of particular concern that might make use dangerous?

8.a) What side effects are LIKELY to occur (common side effects)?

b) What more serious adverse effects are possible in some people?

9. Interactions with other drugs

10. What happens if your take too much (Overdosage)*

*some drugs won’t say much about this because it is so uncommon

1)Please find that drug where u get all the answer for question.

3) some are one word answer and some are in brief.

It will be $5 per page, so please bid depending on how much work is sufficient to answer and you will have to provide that much work to me (excluding the pages)


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