employer-employee relationships



In this week’s discussion, we are asked to illustrate the dynamics of employer-employee relationships. It is important for the jobs and job descriptions to be up to date and include all the job functions of the employee. I also believe in employee acknowledgement of their job description as it holds the employee accountable for their own efficiency and productivity. It is very important that the relationship between the employer and the employee are clearly outlined, so there is no misunderstanding of what is expected.

At the hospital, I work for there is a clear delineation between contracted or per-diem employees and full time employees. This changes in the benefits each receive and what they are eligible for to participate in. This makes it easier for everyone to understand their role and how they are able to chime in to issues involving workplace policies. “Now is the time for agencies to revisit the status of independent contractor relationships. It is imperative that agency owners understand the current rules and regulations for an independent contractor relationship” (Schoeffler & Oak, 2018). Our department re-visits every contract at the end of the fiscal year and reappoints each full time employee and per-diem employee in order to make sure each is holding their end of the contract. For independent contractors, they have to meet a minimum requirement of hours in order to stay on board with the hospital as one of the perks for working as an independent contractor is the liability insurance that is supplied by the hospital to the per diem employee.

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