Essentials of Biostatistics in public health (3

n this unit, you learned how to determine sample size and estimate confidence intervals. For this assignment, you will create a PowerPoint presentation that further explores these concepts. In your presentation, you must include the following elements:

a definition of point estimate, standard error, confidence level, and margin of error;

a discussion of at least three major methods of determining sample sizes, comparing the different methods; and

an explanation of the effects (advantages and limitations) of a small sample size, a very large sample size, and an adequate sample size on any research study.

Your PowerPoint presentation must be a minimum of eight slides (not counting the title and reference slides). Use graphics as necessary to support the content of your presentation. You must use at least two references. Any information from those sources must be cited and referenced in APA format.

Course Textbook: Sullivan, L. M. (2018). Essentials of Biostatistics in public health (3rd ed.). Jones & Bartlett Learning.

Please follow the directives to the letter and don’t forget the footnotes on each slide.


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