All of you are probably familiar with the basics of a scientific experiment. Perhaps you’ve helped your child out with a science fair project, or you have an interest in science yourself!

For this discussion question, you should describe a *simple* experiment that you could perform in your own home. It should not be anything that would take you more than 20-30 minutes to perform. You should tell your peers about your experiment. (It is not necessary to actually carry out the experiment at this point, but provide as much detail about how you would do it as you can).


Once you have posted your own experiment, you should respond to at least one of your peers with questions about their experiments. Ask them to elaborate on the question that they are trying to answer. Ask them to clarify some aspect of their experimental design. The questions that you ask are up to you!

Try to “spread the love” around. If you see that a classmate has not been asked any questions yet, consider responding to them.

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