expected to apply the key concepts

For the project, you will be expected to apply the key concepts of program evaluation to conduct a comprehensive evaluation, using quantitative and qualitative methods, of a health behavior change intervention among residents of a rural or underserved community. Essentially, you will develop, implement and evaluate a small-scale health behavior change intervention among 5-10 individuals residing in a rural or underserved community. You will be asked to choose a specific health behavior (e.g. healthy eating, physical activity, stress management, getting adequate sleep, increased water consumption, following dental hygiene recommendations, reducing distracted driving, etc.) that you can feasibly promote for a duration of two weeks. You may ask family members, friends, co-workers, neighbors or other individuals who you interact with on a regular basis to participate in your intervention as long they reside in a rural or underserved community. The intervention may occur via social media (e.g. posting health education messages on a Facebook page and/or facilitating discussion of health behavior among participants on Facebook), print media, email interaction, phone conversations, text messages, or in person; you may also employ a combination of these techniques. The focus of this project will be on the evaluation of the intervention. You will be expected to identify which evaluation questions you will be exploring, use both quantitative and qualitative methods to collect data, and analyze and interpret your qualitative data. You will be required to submit all of your data as well as expound on the development, implementation and evaluation of your health behavior change intervention in a paper.

should be 4-6 pages and double-spaced using 12- pt. Times Roman or Arial font with 1- inch page margins.

Please see the following document regarding the required content of the paper: Required Content for Evaluation Project Paper-1.pdf

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