I need the Project Outline. 2 pages. Due in 12 hours.


I need the full paper and PPT presentation later. I just need the outline now. 

Your company is currently investigating the use of Linux. Your manager has asked you to research the feasibility of using Linux in both the server and workstation environments (from the operating system point of view). Your manager would like to see an 8- to 10-page paper and a Power Point presentation, delivered through a video recording. The course project topic:

  1. Compares and contrasts Linux server and Linux workstation OS products between three separate and distinct Linux distros (i.e., RedHat, SuSe, Ubuntu ); and
  2. Addresses the specific issues of total cost of ownership, training, support, performance, reliability, and application availability.


  • The paper shall only address business requirements and concerns, not personal or home use of Linux.
  • The project shall address three different Linux vendors, along with each vendor’s specific server and workstation product.
  • Each comparison or contrast item should include each of the three specific vendors—for both server and workstation products.
  • The primary emphasis on grading will address comparison and contrast items; however, you must still provide references and cite your work throughout the paper.


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