female G0P0

A 21 y/o female G0P0 who presents to your office with c/o 3 days of dysuria and vaginal discharge, she admits to recent, unprotected vaginal intercourse with a new partner.  She states she has never had these symptoms before.  She currently is on Lo Loestrin Fe for birth control and takes it daily as prescribed for the past year with no missed pills.  She takes no other medications on a daily basis.

Vitals: weight 110 lbs; height 61”; BMI 20.78 kg/m2

Temp: 98.4 F

BP: 104/62 sitting, left arm

Pulse: 78 bpm

RR: 14

1. What do you need to include in your focused physical assessment of Sandra?

2. What diagnostic tests would you order?

3. List 3 differential diagnosis for this case study.

4. What are the potential sequele of unprotected sex?

5. If this is an STI, what would be the course of action as a provider for the patient’s partner?

6. If you perform a wet mount, what could the results indicate?

7. What are other considerations that are needed in caring for a women’s health patient in the Primary care setting?

8. Explain your non-pharmacological management of this patient.

9. List pharmacological management of this patient.

10. What would you need to include in your patient/family teaching?

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