Final Exam

Question 1

Gary wants to create a perceptual map for positioning using the attribute-based approach. He comes to you for advice as to how he should get started on this. What is the first step you would advise Gary to undertake?

Determine the specific questions to be used for the two types of ratings: (1) How does our company rate on a number of attributes? (2) How important is each of these attributes?
Determine how similar pairs of two attributes are.
Plot the attributes in a two-dimensional space.
Determine the importance of the attributes.



Question 2

You are a customer taking a survey. It lists two brands and asks you to rate how similar they are. What type of survey are you taking?

a focus group application survey
a survey based on multidimensional scaling
a survey based on attributes
a conjoint analysis survey


Question 3

On an attribute-based perceptual map, the higher the mean performance on an attribute translates to how __________ the attribute will be plotted.

far to the right
far to the left


Question 4

With respect to perceptual maps, the method known as MDS stands for

memory derived scaling.
multidimensional survey.
marketing digital survey.
multidimensional scaling.


Question 5

In a particular conjoint study, the variables “club,” “upgrade” and “fee” are the predictors. Which model properly corresponds to this?

Rating = b0 + b1 Club + b2 Upgrade + b3 Fee + error
Rating = b0 + b1 Club × b2 Upgrade × b3 Fee – error
Rating = (b0 + b1 Club + b2 Upgrade + b3 Fee) / error
Rating = b0 – b1 Club + b2 Upgrade + b3 Fee – error


Question 6

Sam’s Sandwich Shack recently conducted two focus groups, each with 6 customers and a moderator. Sam believes he gathered enough feedback from these focus groups to revamp his menu and to initiate some changes to the level of service provided by his staff. What would you recommend to Sam?

Predicting how the marketplace will respond based on focus groups is not a great idea.
Focus groups are a great predictor of how the marketplace will respond.
He should conduct more customer focus groups, and then base his decisions on the focus group discussions.
Focus groups are a waste of time, and provide little value.



Question 7

About how long does a focus group typically last?

30 minutes
1.5 hours
3 hours
8 hours



Question 8

When we have a situation where we do not have much experience with a brand, we seek people

who are brand ambassadors.
who are smart.
who we are related to.
who we trust.


Question 9

Honda offers a line of cars from less expensive to more expensive. What is Honda’s goal with regard to this line?

the line will extend the customer’s lifetime with Honda
sales will increase
the line will get Honda into new markets
the line will create market buzz


Question 10

Scoring models are traditionally comprised of three factors. Which of the following is NOT one of them?

high frequency
high recency
high monetary value
high purchase intention


Question 11

Jim and Denise are executives at Jetsetters, Inc., a plane-sharing business. As they review the results of their recent customer satisfaction survey, Jim generally notices that responses fall into three outcomes. Which of the following outcomes is NOT one of the three outcomes on Jim’s mind?

Customer expectations may be confirmed, leading to judgments of satisfaction.
Expectations may be disconfirmed in a negative manner if the purchase fell short of expectations, leading to feelings of dissatisfaction.
Expectations may be disconfirmed in a positive manner, if the purchase experience surpassed the expectations, leading to feelings of delight.
Expectations are not in line with the company’s goals and Society



Question 12

Quality and satisfaction are

not important for a company to be successful.
not the same thing.
the same.


Question 13

Bic Inc. has a new ad to attract new customers. This ad is categorized as a(n)

retention cost.
discount rate.
average contribution.
acquisition cost.


Question 14

Coffee Bean Co. competes in the crowded coffee bean product category and sells its products in grocery stores and other stores selling coffee products. The firm has struggled to distinguish its brand because consumers view many products in many purchase categories as

private label brands.
too expensive.


Question 15

A two-sided ad is viewed as being more

reliant on the celebrity’s reputation.


Question 16

SuperStore is researching its options regarding the quickest way the company can increase sales. SuperStore’s research should lead it to which of the following?

price promotion
raise prices
duplicate competitor’s products


Question 17

FunnyTime Products uses humor in its ads to communicate with its fun-loving consumers. What type of ads does FunnyTime Products create?



Question 18

The idea that familiarity from repeated exposure to a brand name, logo, or ad will over time enhance the viewer’s favorability toward the ad (and brand) refers to which term?

sleeper effect
source credibility
mere exposure


Question 19

If a company spends a considerable amount of money on an ad, and it wants to measure how well consumers remembered the ad, it should run what type of test?



Question 20

When a brand is growing, what should an ad campaign do?

develop the positivity of the attitudes toward the brand
inform the consumer about the brand
pull it from the market
remind consumers, “Hey, we are still here!”


Question 21

What does ROM stand for?

revenue or money
reflux of markets
return on marketing
respect of materials


Question 22

Which of the following is NOT one of the Treacy and Wiersema strategies?

cost leadership
operational excellence
product leadership
customer intimacy


Question 23

Which of the following is an old, traditional management adage?

Leadership above management.
Measure twice, manage once.
You can only manage one thing at a time.
You can’t manage what you don’t measure.


Question 24

Which is NOT one of the four classes of goals?

focus on making money
pleasing customers
being a leader
repositioning ourselves in the market space


Question 25

Because BCD brand has a strong market share in a non-growth industry, it is best classified as a

cash cow.
question mark.


Question 26

Which of the following is NOT true about a company dashboard?

They can take any shape.
If a gauge is in the center, the company is in trouble.
They can include financial information.
They can include HR information.


Question 27

Which strategy in Ansoff’s product-market growth matrix combines current markets and current products?

market development
product development
market penetration


Question 28

Customers can post complaints or positive reviews during which phase?

pre-purchase: awareness
pre-purchase: brand consideration
purchase or behavioral engagement



Question 29 uses structural equivalence to do which of the following?

make product recommendations
keep credit card information secure
encourage users to write product reviews
deliver purchases


Question 30

What is the most fundamental means of interaction?

logging on


Question 31

What does KPI stand for?

key performance indicator
key profit indicator
key performance initiative
key profit initiative


Question 32

Which of the following is NOT a good way to optimize reach?

Facebook postings
contests on YouTube
lengthy expert blogs


Question 33

What is it called when one group is exposed to one ad or new product description (or whatever element of the marketing mix the marketer is testing) and the other group is either a control group or sees a different version?

1-2-3 test
unbiased opinion test
clinical trial
A/B split test


Question 34

Oil Solutions, Inc. is a Texas-based oil company. One of its tanker ships was delivering oil from an off-shore drilling station to a refinery. The ship was in need of repairs and leaked a large quantity of oil into clear, blue ocean waters. The director of public relations for Oil Solutions, Inc. tried to smooth over this embarrassing accident. In this example, PR was used in a

proactive mode.
recovery mode.
spin mode.
responsive mode.



Question 35

A coupon is an example of

sales promotion.
product placement.
brand advocate.


Question 36

Ad costs are the highest during which program?

Sunday Night Football
Big Bang Theory
The Blacklist


Question 37

When choosing media, which of the following questions should be asked?

Is this frequency correct for my product?
What best fits my target segment?
Is my product better than others on the market?
Do I prefer a different medium?


Question 38

Which ad would be the least expensive?

30-second TV ad
1 page, 1 day in metropolitan newspaper
1-minute radio ad
full page color ad in BusinessWeek


Question 39

Sally is the creative director at a New York-based agency. In thinking about a list of goals for the ads she is responsible for creating, which is likely NOT on her list?



Question 40

Donna’s philosophy as she coordinates her firm’s marketing efforts is to keep in mind the company’s overarching strategy and to ensure that all marketing activities send a consistent message, beginning with the communications but also including the other marketing mix elements. Based on this information, Donna is most likely a proponent of

integrated marketing communications.
intended marketing commitments.
media reach.
media response.


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