Food Guide Pyramids

Importance of Food Guide Pyramids Discussion

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Where do you see dietary recommendations going from here? We have held on to the pyramid from 1995-2010 and now MyPlate for the last 10 years. What’s next? What do you think the US Dietetic Association should focus on next and how should it “look”? There is obviously no right or wrong answer here, but if you were on the USDA, what recommendations would you make?

The Swiss created a food pyramid for their athletes. Why don’t we have an American pyramid or MyPlate, specifically for athletes? Should we or should we not have one? Are we missing something here?

What are your thoughts on the evolution of our recommendations? Why do you think that there were flaws with the basic groups presented in 1940’s-1990’s, to the different versions of the pyramids, and now to MyPlate?


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