food intake in humans

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In order to support individuals in eating healthy during self-quarantine and isolation, which could positively reflect on physical and mental wellbeing, in your opinion:

    1. What are the guidelines for healthy eating food?
    2. What are the factors contributing to poor control of food intake in humans?
  • The paper assignment should be submitted on time (APA style – cover sheet) (check pages 6-7 in the course outline).


  • Length of the write-up should be 200-500 words.
  • Font should be Times New Roman, and size should be 12.
  • Heading should be Bold
  • The text color should be Black
  • Line spacing should be double.
  • Proper headings with number should be given for each segment
  • Avoid Plagiarism
  • Assignments must be submitted with the filled cover page
  • All assignments must carry the references using APA style.

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