foster change

1. It’s important to set _____ to accomplish their tasks that foster change.

☐ boundaries

☐ goals

☐ wishes

☐ none of these apply

2. ________ can play an important role in developing strategies to accomplish goals that lead to change.

☐ Brainstorming

☐ Exclusion

☐ Venting

☐ None of these apply

3. _____ occurs by identifying and choosing realistic courses of action for achieving goals and doing so under sometimes challenging conditions.

☐ Computing

☐ Procrastinating

☐ Strategy

☐ None of these apply

4. People get into trouble or fail to get out of it because they lack the needed life skills or ________ to deal with problem situations.

☐ coping skills

☐ wait return

☐ fight attitude

☐ None of these apply

5. Strategies for achieving goals should be _____.

☐ specific, realistic, sustainable flexible, cost-effective and relate to a client’s values

☐ not challenging

☐ not inspirational

☐ None of these apply

6. Some clients lack the discipline to evaluate their ideas, choose the best, and turn them into _____.


☐ time

☐ actions

☐ joy

☐ None of these apply

7. It’s important that a client’s strategies to complete goals and the goals a client chooses to achieve are ________.

☐ not measurable

☐ realistic

☐ fantasy

☐ none of these apply

8. __________ is when clients choose a course of action that might lead to the accomplishment of a goal, regardless of risk, cost or probability they will achieve it.

☐ Wishful thinking

☐ Access denial

☐ Counter balance

☐ None of these apply

9. ___________ is when a client chooses only safe courses of action, ones that have little risk and a high probability a client will only have limited success in reaching their goal.

☐ Minimal motivation

☐ Hindered thought

☐ Playing it safe

☐ None of these apply

10. No plan of ______, or not having a clear, step-by-step process to accomplish a goal is a barrier for some clients to achieve their goals.

☐ action

☐ tone

☐ reliability

☐ none of these apply


Service Providers in HHS
Answer the questions below based on the content provided.

11. Review one of the Health and Human Service organizations listed at the links below or search for another of your choice that serves your local community. Locate and list the name of the organization in the first box below. Explain the purpose of the organization in the second box below.

· American Red Cross

· Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA)

· Goodwill

· Salvation Army

· Catholic Charities

· Boys and Girls Club of America

· Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

· Habitat for Humanity

· Volunteers of America

a. Name of the organization

Type answer here

b. Explain the purpose of agency

Type answer here

12. Review the services or resources an organization provides or the issues that they support clients through. List the issue or service/resource the agency provides to clients in need below. Explain why it is important to provide that particular service or resource to clients in need?

a. Resource or service the agency provides:

Type  answer here

b. Why is the resource or service important?

Type answer here


Research Journal
Reflect on what you have learned this week to help you respond to the question below. This assignment is part five of a five-part paper you will create throughout this course.

13. Think back on some of the reflection questions you answered in prior weeks in relation to the type of position you want to enter in the HHS field and some of the skills you might need in that role. You also learned about wellness resources like the eight domains of wellness, using a strength-based approach and the importance of self-care. Answer the questions below.

a. Why do you want to work in the Health and Human Service field?

Type answer here

b. What role do you want to enter and which type of HHS organization do you want to work for? Search the internet for the type of position you would like to fill in the HHS field. List the role, the name of the organization hiring for that role, and cite the website you found the role on in APA format.
Type answer here

c.   Cite the example you find in APA format.

Note: use the citation generator to help you cite your resources.

Type answer here

d. What skills have you learned throughout the program that will help you succeed in your role?
Type answer here

e. Why is it important to use a strength-based approach with clients?

Type answer here

f. Why is it necessary to strive to keep a good balance with the eight dimensions of wellness?
Type answer here

g. Why is it beneficial to practice self-care when you enter the HHS field?

Type answer here

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