Foundations Of Public Policy Worksheet

Foundations of Public Policy Worksheet

MPA/583 Version 2




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Foundations of Public Policy Worksheet


Answer each of the following questions in a minimum of 75-150 words.


1. What is the definition of public policy? Provide an example of public policy in your state or local government.






2. Explain why politics is an integral part of public policy and the policy-making process.







3. Summarize Harold Lasswell’s explanation of politics. How might this definition relate to public policy?







4. What role does interest groups play in public policy? Explain. Provide specific examples.








5. Explain the meaning of the statement, “Policies are not art, nor are they sausages,” as it pertains to the public policy-making process.







6. What is “allness thinking,” as described by Charles Russell? Why does he criticize contemporary policy makers for their employment of “allness thinking”?

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