full-time job


Maya is enrolled in ENG 111 and has been asked to write a research paper. Because she has a full-time job and two siblings to care for, Maya has been feeling overextended and she has not made time to work on the English paper. She has always been a great writer and completed a research paper on global warming in her high school English class last year. It is good enough to meet the requirements of her current assignment. She could change the headings and submit the paper to her ENG 111 instructor without being caught. After all, it is her work, and she has the following grades in her classes:

ENG 111- 75%
CIS 110- 79%
COM 120- 78%
PSY 150- 73%

She wants to make sure she continues to meet SAP and remains eligible for financial aid.

Think about Maya’s dilemma.
Is submitting an old paper ethical?
What could make this practice a violation of academic integrity?


Explain your answer using your resources from Module One.
Then, using the information in the chart below, calculate Maya’s current GPA.
Then drop her ENG 111 grade by 1 letter grade and recalculate her GPA.
Would Maya still meet Satisfactory Academic Progress?


Respond to two students in the discussion based on your thoughts of their work.

Grading Criteria

To earn the highest achievement, you should provide a thoughtful and original response to the instructor’s discussion board questions. In addition, you must respond to at least two of your fellow students’ responses with a meaningful comment. All responses should be posted prior to the due date. View the posted rubric for your discussion board.


The FTCC Student Handbook, GPA Calculator, and PDF Plagiarism resources are available in Module One to assist you in successfully completing this assignment.



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