function, and role within their organization?

The goal of this assignment is to further understand the perspectives of a service provider for aging adults regarding social, economic, and/or political forces and issues in the current U.S. healthcare system influencing health care delivery in relation to access, cost, and quality. The interview will then be translated into the paper to summarize your findings.

The paper should include a title page and a reference page using APA format and 12-point Times New Roman font. The paper should be six to eight pages in length (NOT including the title page or reference page).


  • What is this person’s job title, function, and role within their organization?
  • How long have they worked in their current profession, and what credentials do they have that support their work?

Overview or Summary

  1. Overview/Summary of Interview
    • What type of work does this person perform?
    • How does their job and organization impact aging adults?
    • Where in the “healthcare system” does their organization fit (acute care, community-based care, senior living, community center, etc.)?
    • How do social factors impact their work (chronic illness patients, lack of services offered, lack of accessibility, social stigmas, lack of community organizations, etc.)?
    • How does the organization initiate interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary change that impacts the quality of health care for diverse communities and populations, families, and individuals?
    • How do political factors impact their work (Affordable Care Act, Medicare/Medicaid funding and reimbursement, state and federal laws and regulations governing the organization that make it hard to care for people, qualification requirements and standards, etc.)?
    • How do economic factors impact their work (funding sources, costs of care and labor, resource allocation, aging adult financial resources, etc.)?
    • How does this leader approach problem solving and decision making within the organization? Provide an example that reflects this approach.
    • In what ways are health informatics and health technology used in the aging service organization, and what are challenges or successes that result from these uses?
    • In regard to human capital, how does the organization view diverse workforces? Are there challenges around the development of a qualified workforce?
    • What social issues or challenges impact this person’s work?
    • What are ethical and legal challenges the service organization for aging adults encounters in their work? How are these challenges managed and solved? Provide examples that highlight these; for example, determining a person’s capacity to make decisions, sexual relationship among residents with dementia, etc.
  2. What are the biggest challenges this person faces in their work with the aging population?
    • Analysis
    • How do service organizations for aging adults address social, political, and economic factors and forces in working with the aging population? What are gaps in current management practices, and what are possible solutions needed to address these?
    • What are future implications to providers in their mission?
    • What is lacking in a social policy issue that would help support this organization? Who should be responsible to address these gaps in policy? What are the micro and macro challenges to implementing change?
    • Are there future concerns that need addressed, such as Medicare funding, transportation needs, technology integration, etc.?
    • Consider principles of strategic leadership and management skills, and analyze how these principles would benefit a ervice provider of aging adults.
    • How does the current political environment help or hinder the shaping of policies affecting health care organizations and the communities they serve?
  3. Personal Reflection
    • How did this experience enhance your understanding of the unique needs of service providers of aging adults?
    • What did you learn that was most surprising to you?
    • How might this experience influence the way you approach your career and profession?
  4. Research and Grammar
    • Outside research for this assignment is not required other than an interview with a service provider of aging adults. However, if outside sources are used, these should be cited appropriately.
    • This paper should be written in Times New Roman 12-point font, double spaced.
    • Proper grammar and punctuation are expected, with correct APA formatting.
    • Page requirement is six to eight pages (not including title page or reference page).

It should be an interview of the director of a nursing home .

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