Fundamentals to Cover in your Training Course

Who is your Audience? You are the Infection Control Officer in the dental office. Your goal is to educate your co-workers (dental health care personnel (DHCP)) of OSHA, BPS, and CDC practices to protect yourself, the dental team, and our community.


Produce an annual OSHA training course for dental healthcare personnel (DHCP), that covers OSHA fundamentals that you learned this semester.  Creativity is yours to decide how you will present the education to your audience. The objective is to provide an accurate, meaningful, and informative training to your audience.

Fundamentals to Cover in your Training Course

  • OSHA regulations and CDC recommendations:
    • Bloodborne Pathogens Standard
    • Waste Management
    • Guidelines for Infection Control in Dental Health-Care Settings
  • Identify violations and/or incidents
  • Present corrections and/or resolutions
  • Purpose of Annual Training


  • Address/cover all fundamentals listed above
  •  use a Powerpoint(make sure to include a reference slide)

Please make sure it’s enough information on each slide so that the information can be discussed for at least 30minutes overall….

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