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Like any industry, human resources in health care is important. The healthcare industry just like any other industries have obligations such as interviewing, hiring, retention and handling legal matters. New hire orientation and the coordination of training and development is facilitated by HR. HR is also responsible for the accurate implementation of legally mandated employee benefits (Nica, 2013). When there are disputes between employees or management, it is a human resources job to manage these situations as they arise (including terminations). In healthcare, human resources are responsible for making sure that all licensing requirements, certifications, and credentials (if there’s not a designated Credentialing Coordinator) are up to date for all personnel (nurses, doctors, technicians, etc.). Various risk and safety mandates are required in healthcare. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) is a law/act to ensure the safety of employees in the workplace. HR’s responsibility is to train employees on the basics of workplace safety. As an OSHA compliance measure, any injuries or illnesses that happen in or on the premises of the workplace must be reported to HR on a specified form. If audited/inspected, the report must be presented or risk being fined for violating compliance standards. These are just some of the reasons why human resources play an essential role in the healthcare industry.


Nica, E. (2013). The Importance of Human Resources Management to the Health Care System. Economics, Management 

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