Gay Rights Movement

– Historical Context

1. Read: Gay Rights Movement (History)

2. Read: How the Word ‘queer’ was adopted by the LGBTQ community

3. View: Intro Music and LGBTQ Movements – PPT
– Stonewall to Lavender Country

1. Read: The Story of Queer Country Music and Hope…

2. Read: Bullock-10

3. Read: Bullock-12

4. View: Stonewall to Lavender Country PPT

– Disco and Dance Music

1. Read: Disco, finkentscher

2. Watch: The Secret Disco Revolution (approx.. 80 mins)

3. Read: Luis-Manuel Garica. “An Alternate History of Sexuality in Club Culture” 2014

4. View: Disco Gay Rights – PPT

– Contemporary Pop Music

1. Read: Brian O’Flynn “10 Years of Lady Gaga: how she queered mainstream pop forever”

2. Read: “Same Love” NYTimes story:

3. Read: Lauron Kehrer, “A Love Song for All of Us? Macklemore’s ‘Same Love’ and the Myth of Black Homophobia”

4. View: Pop Music LGBTQ – PPT

– Intersectional Futures

1. Read: Gayle Murchinson. 2018. “Let’s Flip It! Quare Emancipations

2. View: Intersectional Futures – PPT

Requirements of Works:

– 1. Discussion:

1. What is heteronormativity? What does it mean to identify as non-binary and/or non-conforming?

2. What is your understanding of the term ‘queer’ (before this class and after doing this week’s reading)?

– 2. Assignment:

Briefly respond to each of these prompts. Total word count should be approx. 1000. Include works cited page. You must cite all required readings and films, or it will be a ZERO, with a chance to resubmit for a capped grade.

1. According to Bullock, what were the 3 important changes that took place after Stonewall? How did rock music reflect the gay rights movement in the 1970s? (give at least 3 examples of artists and their songs.) Who is the most successful out-gay musician of all-time, according to Bullock? How has this artist been involved in the gay rights movement?

2. Discuss how country music has promoted gay rights. What specific obstacles did it face as a genre within its fanbase? Describe at least 3 country songs that promote gay liberation, including lyrical content analysis.

3. Discuss disco as an expression of gay rights/liberation. Include at least 3 songs and their lyrics. Include a discussion of the backlash against this genre; why were some people so opposed to it?

4. Discuss the disco and electronic dance music scenes as safe spaces for the expression of intersectional black and/or queer identity liberation. Include New York City, Chicago, and Detroit; include references to at least 2 clubs and 4 DJs for each city. Offer an explanation of why the black and/or queer histories of disco and EDM have been lost or submerged.

5. Discuss how LGBTQ rights/liberation has been expressed in the work of Lady Gaga, Macklemore, Janelle Monáe, and Patti Labelle. Include a discussion of at least one song per artist and its reception by audiences. Include in your discussion: drag, the myth of black homophobia in hip-hop, and Afrofuturism.

And, here are the required references for Assignment:

1. David Bowie Made Me Gay, by Darryl Bullock, excerpts: 1 each from Chapter 10 AND Chapter 12

2. Kai Fikentscher “Disco and House Music” In Burnim and Maultsby

3. Luis-Manuel Garica. “An Alternate History of Sexuality in Club Culture”

4. Lauron Kehrer, “A Love Song for All of Us? Macklemore’s ‘Same Love’
and the Myth of Black Homophobia”

5. Gayle Murchinson. 2018. “Let’s Flip It! Quare Emancipations: Black
Queer Traditions, Afrofuturisms, Janelle Monáe to Labelle” Women and Music:
A Journal of Gender and Culture. 22(1):79-90.

For this work, you must give me 2 separate files. One for Discussion, and One for Assignment.

Please follow the instructions.

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