Thomas Edison State University Skills and Training in Globalization Discussion

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Skills and training in globalization as your project topics could warrant full books, you need to establish a clear statement of purpose to identify the scope of your research. In addition, the final report must demonstrate applied management principles vis-à-vis your topic. Create a clearly defined statement of purpose that pinpoints a situation under investigation.

Post a 50- to 100-word composition that demonstrates how management theory and practice are applied in your research through a clearly established scope and statement of purpose. Be sure that your introductory paragraph is written in an inductive or deductive way that clearly articulates the purpose of the research paper and that it avoids absolutes that rarely occur in professional research

Examine the following sample:

Supply chain providers experience the ripple effects of many external influences impacting their industries. For example, Schlumberger, a corporation providing tools and services to oil and gas businesses, is laying-off 11,000 of its employees (Lobosco, 2015) due to the lower prices of oil. Companies devoted to business-to-business relationships require a fine-tuned and adaptable staff. If necessary, a company must properly manage employee displacement. Therefore, under discussion are managerial best-practices that an organization should have in place relative to maintaining a quality workforce during periods of uncertainty. [86-word count]

Lobosco, K. (2015, April 16). Oil job cuts keep coming: Schlumberger lays off 11,000. CNN Money. Retrieved from

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