Social media have nationalized and even globalized some political issues. Now that you’ve examined recent political issues, structures of the federal government, and the relationship of state and local governments, create an argument explaining why the United States should remain a federal republic separating powers between the federal and state governments or why it should become a national democracy with a unitary government. Which system would better represent what Americans want, which would better protect the rights of individuals and minorities, and why? At least five scholarly or academically appropriate references are required to support arguments. As always, recent news reports are useful to illustrate points.

Your research paper should be between 6-8 pages, Turabian/Chicago format.  The title page and bibliography or reference pages do not count in the page total.

The task is to research, create, and support a scholarly argument using facts and evidence. Personal opinions are unnecessary and should be left out of the arguments. State facts and back them with citations. Phrases like “I feel” or “in my opinion” should appear nowhere in the essay.

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